5 ODI World Cup 2023 Players To Keep an Eye on

5 ODI World Cup 2023 players to keep an eye on include Pat Cummins, Rashid Khan, Babar Azam, Virat Kohli and David Warner. The cricket spectacular funfair has now officially begun around the world with the start of the World Cup Tour. The quadrennial event will begin on October 5 and last until November 19 in order to have a significant impact.

Pat Cummins

In October 2011, the pacer, who is 30 years old, made his debut in international cricket. With 10 matches at the 2019 World Cup, the Australian Pacers have played 12 games in two world cups (in 2015 and 2019). He has grabbed 19 wickets in each of the 12 games. Currently, the Test cricket team is led by Pat Cummins.

In the ongoing Ashes, Pat Cummin’s bowling prowess reached its pinnacle with an astounding number of 4/63, which sealed England’s doom and delivered Australia its first series victory. Pat Cummins may be the player who may perform in pivotal games and become the talk of the town among spectators thanks to his bowling’s pace and discipline.

Rashid Khan

In October 2015 against Zimbabwe, an Afghan bowler who is now a great all-arounder made his ODI debut. The 24-year-old rising star has access to a wide variety of bowling styles. He is one of those spinners that can spin the glass top ball. In his nine World Cup appearances, Rashid has 416 runs and seven wickets to his name.

Rashid Khan is widely credited for his efforts as the Afghanistan squad has grown to be one of the fiercest in the world. Rashid might develop into the player who can put up a tough battle for the opposition’s team in the 2023 World Cup.

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Babar Azam

Over the past two years, the right-handed batter from Pakistan has held the top spot in ODIs. Azam has consistently demonstrated his tremendous talent and superior batting abilities in one-day international cricket, making him a force to be reckoned with. In May 2015, he played his first ODI against Zimbabwe.

Virat Kohli

According to his statistics, Virat Kohli is widely recognised as the best player at the ODI World Cup. The right-handed batsman, who made his debut in August 2008 against Sri Lanka, was renowned for his skill on grass. In his World Cup history, Kohli has consistently displayed his exceptional batting prowess, scoring an astounding 1029 runs at an astounding average of 46.77 in just 22 matches.

Virat finally scored a century against Bangladesh in December 2022 after battling for more than three years. Virat has defeated Sri Lanka this year with two hundred while also winning both games.

In addition to his tremendous skill set and unequalled drive, Kohli’s ability to continuously perform under duress has made him a true one-day icon.

David Warner

The feisty Team Australia opener, who made his ODI debut in January 2009 against South Africa, has previously stated that he plans to retire. He will stop playing in all three game types after the 2023 World Cup. Warner’s aggressive batting approach has made him one of Australia’s most important players.

In his more than 18 World Cup games, David Warner has played, scoring 992 runs with a maximum score of 178 runs. Warner has scored 647 runs in 10 innings during the 2019 World Cup, averaging 71.88. One time (in 2015), Warner won the World Cup.

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