According to Sri Lankan great Sangakkara, these two teams are the favorites to win the ODI World Cup 2023

According to Sri Lankan great Sangakkara, these two teams are the favorites to win the ODI World Cup 2023. The cricket community is buzzing with discussions on prospective champions as the eagerly awaited ODI World Cup 2023 prepares to enthrall fans globally. All of the teams have started to finalize their different squads for the cricket tournament, which is set to start on October 5.

The Indian cricket team has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with after putting on a good performance in the Asia Cup 2023.

The legendary cricketer Kumar Sangakkara discussed the chances of various countries in the ODI World Cup and identified probable front-runners on Sky Sports. “I think England and India are going to be top favourites,” he said, emphasizing the strong battle anticipated amongst superteams.

Sangakkara continued in response to the results of the Asia Cup: “I watched Sri Lanka play the final game and how they performed throughout the Asia Cup, so they may be battling for a playoff position… once you’re in the playoffs, you’re a game away. You’re having a good day and might make the final.

Eoin Morgan, the captain who memorably guided England to their 2019 World Cup triumph, echoed Sangakkara’s comments.

Eoin Morgan, the skipper who memorably led England to their 2019 World Cup success, echoed Sangakkara’s comments when he said that India’s strength came from the introduction of the versatile Hardik Pandya. Pandya stands out for his ability to play both a strong batsman and a potent bowler, especially in the middle overs.

The physical level and bowling prowess of Hardik Pandya, Morgan continued. There are very few teams in the Asia Cup that would be serious contenders if they had someone who bats in the top six and can bowl, but he has bowled a little bit so far, and he has bowled really, really well. 

The final selection of India’s ODI World Cup team is awaited by the entire cricketing community. Although they first revealed their tentative lineup on September 5, rumors abound regarding potential changes to the squad.

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