After making an absurd pitch claim, Mohammad Hafeez is corrected by Akash Chopra

After making an absurd pitch claim, Mohammad Hafeez is corrected by Akash Chopra. In response to remarks made by Mohammad Hafeez of Pakistan on the pitches being utilized for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, former Indian batter Aakash Chopra corrected him. Hafeez had voiced concerns about the shifting pitch conditions in India throughout the World Cup.

The story began when Hafeez, speaking on a PTV Sports program, criticized the pitches used for the 2023 World Cup. According to Hafeez, whether the BCCI or the ICC is hosting the World Cup would be decided upon if the pitch’s circumstances alter.

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First, tomorrow will see the determination of which body, the BCCI or the ICC, would be in charge of organizing the competition. Two matches have been played in three different locations thus far: Hyderabad, Delhi, and Dharamsala. Both games’ pitches had comparable conditions and comparable behaviors. It makes sense if the pitch in Chennai is the same as the one used for the India vs. Australia match. However, in the event of minor modifications, it will be evident who is in charge of the competition,” Hafeez stated.

He continued by saying that since it’s an ICC competition, the pitches should be managed by its curators with no influence from the BCCI.

It’s an ICC tournament, therefore there shouldn’t be any influence. It must operate in accordance with the directives and curators. It makes sense if the pitch’s relevancy and momentum are the same tomorrow. However, this raises a lot of questions, in my opinion, if there is even a minor alteration, such as a change in the batting surface or environmental factors, Hafeez continued.

In response to Hafeez’s complaint, Chopra stated that the pitches behave differently because they are constructed from different dirt a blend of red and black soil.

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