After the ODI World Cup in 2023, will Pakistani captain Babar Azam marry his cousin

After the ODI World Cup in 2023, will Pakistani captain Babar Azam marry his cousin? See how his family responds. The management business of Pakistan captain Babar Azam has commented on the marriage allegations that have gripped the nation’s media and cricket community. The management business for the 28-year-old has responded and refuted the allegations, saying that it is news even to his family.

Babar has become the buzz of the town and one of the most followed cricketers on social media as he keeps setting records one after another. The 28-year-old is still single, though. The No. 1 ODI hitter is expected to marry his own cousin, and his family has reportedly started making wedding preparations, according to multiple media reports. The admirers are therefore curious to find out who the cousin is as well.

However, Babar’s management business, Saya Corporation, tweeted the following:

“The shocking report of Kaptaan Babar Azam’s nuptials in November is entirely false. This is ‘news’ for him and his family, in truth. Please refrain from spreading unconfirmed news. I’m grateful.

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The Pakistani captain is presently preparing for the Asia Cup in 2023. When Pakistan’s national team plays Nepal in Multan on August 30, Pakistani fans will enjoy witnessing the squad compete on home grounds.

The right-handed batsman is eager to outdo his Asia Cup showing from the previous year. Only 68 runs at an average of 11.33 were scored by the 28-year-old in 6 games in the 2022 Asia Cup.

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