An Indian Police Officer Forces Pakistan Spectator Not to Speak “Pakistan Zindabad” in Pak vs Australia Match

In a high-voltage match between Pakistan and Australia a police officer’s video went viral on social media and he stopped a Pakistani fan from saying “Pakistan Zindabad”. A humiliating approach from the Indian police officer. India is considered a secular country and one top countries that follow democracy.  

Very embarrassing for a fan to be forced to not support his country. Everyone has the right to support his country. No one can stop something like that. Police have to provide security so as not to stop fans from supporting his team.

Both teams need to win this match. Pakistan is placed 2nd on the points table while Australia is at 6th. If Australia wins they will be well-placed to qualify for the Semi-finals. Pakistan also wants to get two points from here to get more closer to the Semi-Finals

Remember that Pakistan is chasing a mammoth total of 368 to win this match. Pakistan after 33 overs has scored 222 for the loss of 3 wickets. An interesting match is going on. 

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