Angelo Mathews presents "video evidence" to refute the umpires

Angelo Mathews presents “video evidence” to refute the umpires. Video footage, according to Angelo Mathews, can show that the umpires were mistaken when he was controversially timed out during a World Cup play against Bangladesh.

The all-rounder for Sri Lanka, Angelo Mathews, gave screenshots of ‘visual proof’ to refute the umpires’ decision to remove him from a highly contentious but historically significant time out during a World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh at Delhi’s Arun Jaitely Stadium. 

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After Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan appealed, Mathews was given a time-out in an unusual situation that has never been witnessed in international cricket. It happened in Sri Lanka’s innings in the 25th over.

With the second ball of his over, Shakib had just removed Sadeera Samarawickrama from the game. Mathews approached the crease, but before he could lower his guard, he noticed that his helmet’s strap was broken. He requested a replacement without first getting permission from the umpires. 

When the Bangladeshi field players saw all of this, they made the decision to file a time-out request against Mathews. Following an extensive debate that included multiple appeals from Mathews to both Shakib and the umpires, Richard Illingworth and Marais Erasmus, the former captain of Sri Lanka was ruled timed out.

Entering the dugout, Mathews was seen tossing his gloves and bat aside in frustration and tossing his helmet into the air. In international cricket, he became the first player to be timed out. 

The rules of the game explicitly stipulate that the batter must be prepared to face the first ball within three minutes of the last dismissal, hence Shakib and the Bangladeshi players were right to file an appeal. 

However, the duration is two minutes during World Cups. There is no mention of an equipment malfunction as a potential outage for the batter in the playing conditions. Is it possible that Shakib withdrew the appeal? 

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