Anticipated ticket costs for the ODI World Cup in 2023

Anticipated ticket costs for the ODI World Cup in 2023 details are discussed below. The long wait for tickets to the ODI World Cup 2023 could be over by the first week of August as the ICC and BCCI are expected to provide information soon. Fans are interested in the ticket prices for the matches at the 10 World Cup locations after the ODI World Cup schedule was released a fortnight ago and they have already begun to make hotel reservations.

Other than The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), no other World Cup state has yet to release ticket information. Despite the fact that CAB’s announcement of ticket prices for matches at Eden Gardens greatly angered the BCCI, the board stated that it will be collaborating with ICC to speed up the ticketing process.

Several issues need to be resolved. The ticketing system is being updated. This is the cause of the slight delay. For the benefit of fans to have a seamless experience, there will be a lot of digitization. Hopefully by next week, everything will be resolved. You should be aware that the state associations and local organising committee are coordinating it as an ICC event. Therefore, it’s a difficult process, a top BCCI representative told InsideSport.

Tickets for the ODI World Cup 2023 would cost between 500 and 10,000 rupees, with the most anticipated match between India and Pakistan.

The Economic Times reported that the ICC World Cup 2023 tickets will soon be available online. Tickets for the ICC Cricket World Cup can be pre-ordered by cricket fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

Additionally, Bookmyshow, Paytm, and Paytm Insiders will all offer tickets. The majority of the tickets will be sold online, with some restricted offline sales.

The ticket prices would range from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 per ticket. The match and the location will affect the costs. The India vs. Pakistan match is the most anticipated game since tickets can cost up to 50,000 in Ahmedabad.

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