At the Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, the ICC will introduce vertical video production

At the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, the ICC will introduce vertical video production. The vertical stream from the ICC will provide the sport with unprecedented coverage of all 48 World Cup games. The technology will give viewers a simpler, more intuitive mobile watching experience that enables them to consume material while on the go in the most practical handheld posture.

This method of watching ICC events will provide fans greater access to World Cups than ever before. Split-screens will also be added to the vertical feed’s coverage. The split-screen feature will open up a new dimension for the spectators and give them a closer sense of proximity to the action and their heroes with a focus on adding more meaning to the on-field action.

A carefully chosen selection of dedicated vertically oriented cameras will be used in the production, along with world feed cameras for split screens. In order to improve the vertically oriented coverage, the production will also include match graphics and custom production modifications.

To enhance the coverage even more, the vertical video feed will also leverage conventional technical and editorial narrative capabilities. Important functions including field layout, ball tracking, and player tracking will be adjusted to fit the vertical format. A top-notch commentary team will also be calling the action during the telecast.

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Cricket fans always look forward to the excellent TV coverage of ICC events, according to ICC Chief Commercial Officer Anurag Dahiya. In light of this, the ICC TV staff makes an ongoing effort to cater our broadcast to fan preferences. 

At the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, we will debut cricket’s first-ever vertical video production. The fan viewing experience is expected to change as a result of this game-changing endeavor. Fans will be in the center of the action, closer to the game than ever before, and the biggest Cricket World Cup ever will have a world-class production thanks to this method of cricket coverage.

“Consumers’ preferences and habits are evolving more quickly than ever before, catalyzing the emergence of new user experiences,” stated Sanjog Gupta, Head of Sports at Disney Star. Disney Star has always been a leader in improving cricket viewing experiences, and it is thrilled to work with the ICC to provide sports fans the “vertical feed” for the first time ever during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. 

Beyond the various screen orientations, the “vertical feed” promises to provide greater convenience, engagement, and immersion to digital consumers. It promises to transform how cricket is watched with its specially created production style that includes cameras, visuals, direction, replays, and other innovations.

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