AUS vs SL Ground Dimensions, Pitch Report and Entry Gates

AUS vs SL Ground Dimensions, Pitch Report and Entry Gates are discussed below. The 14th ODI World Cup 2023 match between Australia and Sri Lanka will take place at the BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium in Lucknow on October 16. Sri Lanka vs. Australia in Lucknow The day-night match, ODI, is scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM.

The five-time world champions will be hoping to recover from their pair of crushing defeats at the hands of South Africa and India. On October 8, at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, India defeated Australia by 6 wickets with 52 balls remaining. In the second match of the competition, South Africa defeated the Kangaroos by a margin of 134 runs.

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AUS vs SL Entry Gates

In addition to the five main entrance gates, there are twenty-five entry points to the stands. Access for players and VIPs is often restricted to Gate No. 3. Unusually for Indian stadiums, the main arena is easily accessible by car and bus because to the periphery road that encircles it. However, crowd management will be necessary on big match days to maintain the passage accessible to motorists. There are 500 parking spots available for two-wheelers and four-wheelers in different locations.

Although there is no metro link to the stadium in Lucknow, buses go to the main connecting route, Amar Shaheed Path. Shuttle services and e-rickshaws are also considered for fan mobility on game days. Reporters had trouble with security check delays during the Indian Premier League since other Sportz City guests would use the same entrances to get to the facilities. For the World Cup, there will be more knowledgeable and experienced security, and preparations are expected to make sure that fans may easily access and exit.

“In Lucknow, the second phase of the project will include metro connectivity to Ekana. We are thinking of constructing a 45-meter lane around the stadium to help with traffic on matchdays. Currently, the area’s only road is Amar Shaheed Path, but this one will be beneficial. To address these aspects of the match experience, we will need the government’s support,” Sinha said.

AUS vs SL Seating Capacity 

AUS vs SL Ground Dimensions, Pitch Report and Entry Gates

The Ekana Stadium can hold up to 50,000 spectators. The general stands on the east and west ends hold 44,296 seats, while the hospitality areas on the north and south ends hold the remaining seats. 

Of these, 2,716 seats are designated for closed hospitality spaces, and about 3,390 seats are reserved for semi-hospitality (open President’s Stand) sections. Most importantly, every fan at Ekana is guaranteed an unobstructed view because there are neither sight screens nor pillars.

AUS vs SL Boundary Length

The Ekana Stadium in Lucknow is the third-largest stadium in India and the sixth-largest stadium globally, when compared to the majority of other venues in the country. Its border is likewise noticeably bigger.

This stadium has the longest straight boundaries of any stadium in India.

The square and straight boundary lengths are more than 70 yards from the center pitch, while the straight boundaries are more over 75 yards.

Batters would have to put in a lot of effort to accumulate runs at this stadium since, in contrast to most Indian grounds, soaring smashes that clear the infield might not fly towards the boundary.

AUS vs SL Pitch Report

After a low-scoring T20I against New Zealand, Hardik Pandya criticized the Ekana Stadium pitch, calling it a “shocker.” This caused the field to come under criticism therefore it’s going to be a tough match for both Autralia and Sri Lanka. Sanjeev Agarwal then took over as curator in place of Surendra Yadav. The surface got major renovations following the 2023 Indian Premier League season.

Images of the entire center being excavated went viral on social media, exposing the buildup of salt. Over the course of 14 days, Agarwal used terreplex, a harmless acid, to change the pH of the soil and dissolve calcified deposits. Three layers make up the pitch: a coarse soil base, an intermediate layer, and an eight-inch layer of cricketing soil on top. Some venues use sand, while others choose to use clay.

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