BAN vs AFG match Ground dimensions, Pitch Report and Entry Gates

BAN vs AFG match Ground dimensions, Pitch Report and Entry Gates details are discussed below in detail. On Saturday morning, Bangladesh will play Afghanistan in the opening match of their 2023 World Cup campaign at the venerable HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala. The HPCA stadium in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, brings to mind Neville Cardus’ lovely and swoon-worthy writings, which introduced the flavor of romance to sports writing generally and cricket literature specifically.

The HPCA stadium in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India, was built in 2003, some 28 years after Neville Cardus’s passing, which irrevocably altered cricket writing.

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BAN vs AFG Entry Gates

The stadium has twelve entrances. Teams and referees enter through Gate No. 1. Fans will appreciate having comfortable access to the spectator area. An essential aspect of the arena is the roomy entrance to the spectator galleries.

 Although locals are accustomed to walking considerable distances, the organizers have made special arrangements with three enormous parking spaces located 500–1000 meters apart. Seniors and fans with special needs will have access to dedicated transportation. A group of young volunteers from the HPCA will be on hand to direct guests inside and outside the stadium. The volunteers were chosen after going through a selection process, and they have received particular training to take care of the spectators’ requirements.

BAN vs AFG boundary length

In addition to having one of the most springy surfaces in the nation, the HPCA ground also boasts a respectable quantity of grass cover.

Sunil Chauhan, the pitch’s chief curator, attributed the pitch’s athletic qualities to “Bermuda Grass” in 2011, one year after the stadium hosted its first IPL game.

“The type of grass utilized is crucial. We use Bermuda grass, much like everywhere else in the area, including Mohali. At Palampur (close by), the soil we transport from Ludhiana is examined for the amount of clay, silt, coarse sand, and fine sand.Clay content of 40% or more is typically regarded as ideal for creating bouncy pitches. We have somewhere about 64%. Perth’s field, in contrast, has 75 per cent.

The 70 yard boundary exceeds the minimal requirement of 65 yards (59.43 m) on either side of the pitch in terms of length.

The Midwicket to Midwicket boundary area is 140 yards (128 meters) long, although there are 120 yards (109.72 m) between each sightscreen.

Having said that, since games may be played on various pitches placed next to one another on the central pitch, the boundary length may vary across either side (off-side and on-side).

BAN vs AFG Seating Capacity

The stadium can hold about 23,000 spectators, and the majority of the games played there are sold out. It features two ends, River End and College End, which also serves as a marker for the Ground’s close-by location.

BAN vs AFG Pitch Report

Although the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamshala is recognized for being a high-scoring venue, as the game has gone on, pace bowlers have dominated the venue’s wickets column. And like other sites, the team chasing has had the most success because the side batting second typically prevails in games. 

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