BCCI will Confront Three Key Issues When Rescheduling The India vs Pakistan World Cup match

BCCI will confront three key issues when rescheduling the India vs Pakistan World Cup match. Pakistan World Cup match. Although the site will remain the same, the date of the mega clash may be altered. According to ESPNcricinfo, the BCCI is thinking of moving the Indo-Pak match in the 2023 World Cup from October 15 to October 14.

According to the source, the date change is being explored because October 15 is the first day of the Hindu holiday of Navaratri. According to reports, local police have advised the BCCI that security will be difficult to manage on the day. The host board is expected to notify the ICC of the problem, and a response is expected shortly.

Following the current development, we examine three significant issues that the BCCI would confront in rescheduling the India-Pakistan World Cup.

Provoking The Anger of Irritated Supporters

The BCCI and ICC have yet to release information on match tickets. Cricket-crazy fans, on the other hand, have already booked flights and hotels in Ahmedabad for the match, well aware that a last-minute attempt could force them to lose out on a cricketing show.

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If the India-Pakistan mega clash is rescheduled and played a day before the originally scheduled date, cricket fans could face enormous financial losses in addition to missing the event (depending on the refund policies on flight tickets and hotel bookings). In a nutshell, it would be a

Three Games in a Single Day will be Far Too Much

Another major issue with postponing the India-Pakistan World Cup match to October 14 is that the same day already has a double-header.

According to the current World Cup schedule, New Zealand will play Bangladesh in the first encounter on October 14 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, while England and Afghanistan will meet in the second match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi.

Pakistan Must Play Two Games in Three days

As it stands, PCB was allegedly dissatisfied with the drought schedule created for the 2023 World Cup. According to numerous reports, they desired adjustments to the schedule, but the ICC and BCCI refused to budge. Even after the schedule was made public, there were protests in Pakistan.

Just as the dispute appeared to be dying off, the prospective postponement might upset PCB, the Pakistan squad, and supporters even more. If the BCCI decides to hold the Indo-Pak match on October 14, that means that

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