Before Bangladesh's match, Pakistani players would boycott biryani in Kolkata, citing "Mediterranean Kebabs, Eggs, and Proteins."

Before Bangladesh’s match, Pakistani players would boycott biryani in Kolkata, citing “Mediterranean Kebabs, Eggs, and Proteins.” Prior to Pakistan’s 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup encounter against Bangladesh at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens Stadium on Tuesday, the team led by Babar Azam treated their palates to biryani, kebabs, and chapattis from the city’s well-known “Zam Zam” restaurant. The “Men-in-Green” opted to sample Kolkata’s renowned biryani instead of dining at the team hotel. The food was ordered on Sunday by the Pakistan cricket squad via an internet meal delivery service.

The director of the “Zam Zam” restaurant, Shadman Faize, stated that they learned later that the order came from the Pakistan cricket squad. Faize went on to say that Kolkata has a unique brand of biryani that is well-known worldwide.

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“The online meal delivery platform received the order. The three dishes they ordered were chap, kebabs, and biryani. After 7:00 PM on Sunday, they placed their order. We later learned that the order was from the Pakistan cricket squad, even though we were unaware of it at first. I’m hoping they enjoyed the meal. Every nationality is welcome to visit and sample our cuisine. Worldwide renown for its unique biryani style is Kolkata, according to Shadman.

Following their defeat by Afghanistan, Akram had chastised the players for their lack of energy on the pitch. Akram claimed during a post-match broadcast on the Pakistani A Sports channel that the players appeared to be consuming kg of beef every day. “Take a peek at our players’ levels of fitness. 

For the past three weeks, we have been yelling that they haven’t undergone fitness tests in the previous two years. Should I address them individually now that their faces are becoming more prominent? “It seems like they are eating eight kilograms of meat every day,” said Rahul. Since you are compensated for representing your country in sports, there need to be some sort of test or requirement.

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