Best Food Places to Visit Near MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Best food places to visit near MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 are given below:

Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan

Mr. A. Muthukrishnan founded the Vasanta Bhavan chain of vegetarian restaurants in Trichirappali in 1969. We gained notoriety for serving high-quality, delicious vegetarian food while taking great care with sanitation and health.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Snacks

The vegetarian restaurant and confectionery chain Adyar Ananda Bhavan, also known as AAB or A2B, was established in Rajapalayam and has its headquarters there. According to whom?, it is the oldest restaurant chain in Chennai and has more than 145 locations across India.

Best Food Places to Visit Near

Geoffreys The Pub

An urban-focused pub chain named Geoffrey’s- The Pub was created in Raipur by drawing inspiration from the ambiance of an old-fashioned English pub.Geoffrey’s offers a genuine English dining experience with its carpeting, wooden panel floors, and soft music. The multi-cuisine menu is delicious, and the spirits selection is impressive. Enjoy the quaintness of the past at this pub in a prestigious Raipur hotel!

Green Chillies

The best place to find delectable regional Indian food is at Green Chilli Indian Restaurant. Everyone can find something to eat thanks to the variety, so you and your family won’t ever go hungry. The Green Chilli Indian Restaurant offers the ease of placing an online order for delivery or pick-up, so you can get the food you want when you want it.

The Royal Palate

The Grand ‘Royal Palate’ offers you inspired culinary creations to enjoy with tantalising flavours and entrancing aromas that melt into a delectable cuisine in our dining choice, set amidst inspiring settings and surroundings. It is a feast for your eyes, soul, and taste buds. Intimate, opulent, and impressive, The Royal Palate is especially created to pique the senses with global flair and tempt your palates.

Treat yourself to a meal at the Royal Palate to enjoy the luxury of impeccable service and delectable cuisine in a refined setting. The restaurant provides a genuinely unique atmosphere that is ideal for any occasion. Royal Palate offers flavours from across the ocean in Chinese and Italian to traditional south and north Indian cuisine. 

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