Did Babar Azam decline Irfan Pathan’s request for an interview?

Did Babar Azam decline Irfan Pathan’s request for an interview? The controversy involving the Pakistan Cricket Team is back again today. And once more, captain Babar Azam has been the subject of debates! Irfan Pathan, a former cricket player for India, is involved in this chaos.  Pakistan’s World Cup campaign was unsatisfactory, full of controversy and heartbreaking defeats.

To further sow discord between the two nations, some of Pakistan’s experts are still hard at work spreading false information. Journalist Naseem Rajput from Pakistan recently asserted on a television channel that Babar had declined an interview with former Indian cricket player Irfan Pathan, claiming instead that he doesn’t interact with anyone who criticise Pakistan.


CricTracker is aware, nevertheless, that the quote is completely untrue and that no such incidence has ever occurred. Nevertheless, false information has been proliferating on social media, where it is being promoted by multiple accounts without any form of validation.

“Babar declined to be interviewed by Irfan. Initially, Pathan’s representative, the channel’s production crew, requested an interview with him; but, the Pakistan captain declined. Subsequently, the former all-rounder for India approached him to speak. But Babar rejected the offer once more, claiming that he doesn’t speak with anyone who criticise Pakistan, as stated by Naseem Rajput on the Aaj TV programme “Kuch Cricket Ho jaye.”

Notably, Pathan is not the only former cricket player from India to have been duped by false information. Gautam Gambhir, the former opener for India, recently blasted a well-known Indian television outlet for disseminating false information about him. Gambhir was reported in the news piece on the channel’s website as stating, “Virat Kohli would have taken singles on 195 if he had been there.” However, Glenn Maxwell is unique in that he decided to hit six.”

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