Before the ODI World Cup, Dravid expresses happiness over Bumrah's return: "Someone we've missed a lot."

Before the ODI World Cup, Dravid expresses happiness over Bumrah’s return: “Someone we’ve missed a lot.”  Rahul Dravid, the head coach of Team India, expressed his happiness over star pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s return to international cricket after missing 11 months with a back injury. Dravid is confident that the management will ease him back in gradually in the run-up to the ODI World Cup.

On the final day of training at Alur, Dravid provided an update on Rahul’s injury and expressed his delight at Bumrah’s return to the team as Team India prepared to depart for Sri Lanka for the Asia Cup 2023.

“Yeah, so seeing them bowling and seeing them bowl well is really great. It’s great to have them back. Over the past two years, Jasprit has been someone we have greatly missed. He hasn’t played a lot of games, I must say. But it’s good to see him again, and we’ll ease him back in gradually,” Dravid said.

Additionally, he continued, “It was nice for him to get those 4 overs, like the tour of Ireland, for both of them to ease in with some sort of four overs of bowling.”

Dravid prioritised the Asia Cup 2023 as the best opportunity to look out for the loopholes when talking about World Cup preparation.  And now it gives us a chance to compete in the Asia Cup,”

The Indian team’s full bowling lineup is now available. It will be necessary for Bumrah’s abilities and experience because Shami and Siraj are already present. 

So, yes, it does increase our options for pace-bowling. In a lengthy competition like the World Cup, it enables us to have more resources, according to Dravid.

Dravid is excited about the team’s upcoming two major tournaments, but he also recognises the pressure associated with such events. 

Yes, there will be some pressure, and that pressure is very much needed, Dravid said. But it will also be very special for everyone to be able to perform in front of home crowds.

The first World Cup match will take place on October 5 between England and New Zealand. India will begin their campaign on October 8 in Chennai against the formidable Australians, and then on October 14 in Ahmedabad, they will face their bitter rivals Pakistan.

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