Due to Century Babar Azam Earned Luxurious Reward

Due to Century Babar Azam Earned Luxurious Reward. In an impressive display of cricketing prowess, Peshawar Zalmi skipper Babar Azam displayed his exceptional talent on the field and received the top award from none other than team president Javed Afridi.

Babar Azam brilliant effort in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) against Islamabad United left the audience in awe, as he scored an impressive 111 off just 63 balls and not like his impressive innings for fans were not only impressed but Peshawar Zalmi floor against their fierce rivals played a crucial role in securing an important victory.

Acknowledging Babar Azam’s outstanding contribution to the team’s success, Javed Afridi wasted no time in expressing his appreciation. In a gesture of appreciation and gratitude, Afridi announced a special prize for the star batsman, a brand new MG Essence car, a sign of the team’s recognition of Babar Azam’s exceptional talent and dedication on the field.

Babar Azam’s century demonstrated not just his amazing hitting prowess but also his invaluable leadership abilities as the Peshawar Zalmi captain. His outstanding play set the stage for the team’s outstanding 202, which presented Islamabad United with a significant challenge.

Babar Azam’s brilliant performance laid the foundation for the team’s brilliant 202, which posed a huge challenge to Islamabad United. Javed Afridi gifted Babar Azam which was meant to encourage him to continue his brilliant career and help Peshawar Zalmi win more games in future

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