Elgar Recalls Dispute with Kohli: From On-Field Incident to Drinks and Settlement

Elgar Recalls Dispute with Kohli: From On-Field Incident to Drinks and Settlement. Recently, Indian cricket star Virat Kohli and former South African player Dean Elgar were involved in a heated exchange during a Test match in India. Elgar described the incident on a podcast, illuminating the intense player relationships that occur on the field.

Elgar claims that he got into a fight with Indian spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. Elgar reportedly reacted strongly to an alleged spat by Kohli, who is well-known for his combative style on the field, against him.

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“I came in to bat and i was holding my own against Ashwin and Jadeja,” Elgar Said. Kohli spat at me, so i told him that “ If you do that again, I’ll strike you with this bat, in South African. Elgar narrated “I will definitely knock you out in this field.”

Elgar added that former indian captain Virat Kohli’s colleague at the Royal Challengers Banglore in the Indian Premier League, AB de villiers, had stepped in and talked with the skipper.

It’s interesting to note that Elgar disclosed that Kohli afterwards offered an apology by asking him out for drinks. It is said that this action assisted in repairing the tension between two players.

The event highlights the fierce rivalry and sporadic altercations that may occur in cricket, even between players from opposing teams. The subsequent reconciliation between Elgar and Kohli, despite their intense exchange, emphasizes the mutual respect that frequently underpins sports.

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