Fans Wonder "What Is Happening?" as World Cup tickets for the India vs. Pakistan ODI match sell for 50 lakh rupees

Fans Wonder “What Is Happening?” as World Cup tickets for the India vs. Pakistan ODI match sell for 50 lakh rupees. The demand for the highly anticipated match between the cricket teams of India and Pakistan at the ICC World Cup 2023 is reflected in the cost of the tickets. On two specific dates, August 29 and September 3, the primary ticket sales outlets accomplished a complete sellout in just one hour.

However, there is also a sizable demand for and a very noticeable increase in price on the secondary market for ticket sales. For instance, an astounding South Premium East 3 section ticket is currently listed at 21 lakh on the online sports ticket marketplace Viagogo.

“What’s going on? On the Viagogo website, World Cup tickets for India vs. Pakistan range from 65,000 to 4.5 lakh “per ticket”! Daylight theft from these businesses!,” a user remarked.

A third user added, “Yesterday I saw a ticket for 15 lakh, and right now it’s either sold out or else removed from the Viagogo app.”

It’s interesting to note that tickets for other India games at various venues are also selling for astronomical prices on the secondary market. On Viagogo, for instance, tickets for the India vs. Australia game start at an astounding 41,000 and can go up to well over 3 lakh. A high price of 2.3 lakh is being charged for tickets to the India vs. England game.

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