Five iconic ODI World Cup catches

Five iconic ODI World Cup Catches are discussed below in detail. The Cricket World Cup has generated some unforgettable moments over the years. Picking the top five and placing them in that order was challenging. Even though the list includes particular highlights from certain persons, it also heavily emphasises the razor-thin line between success and failure. Of course, there are other incidents that deserve special note for being so close to being included.

The adage “catches win matches” is accurate for practically all cricket matches. Teams have occasionally lost games as a result of dropped catches, but this is not always the case. After witnessing Sheldon Cottrell’s outstanding catch against Australia on Thursday (June 6), we take a look back at some of the best catches in World Cup history.

Kapil Dev (1983)

Kapil Dev’s catch altered the outcome and helped India advance to the final. The Indian skipper made a catch that appeared to be fairly conventional while moving backwards. He was standing at mid-on when he ran towards the ball. While India swiftly reacted by taking 8 more wickets, the West Indies took some time to recover. At Lord Cricket Ground in London, the Prudential Cup final featured India and the West Indies.

Jonty Rhodes (1999)

who may be one of South Africa’s best players, earned the moniker “the Superman” for his exceptional fielding abilities. One of the best examples of his fielding is the 1999 World Cup game versus England. Rhodes was fielding at backward point when Robert Croft tried to hit it over point. After taking off, Rhodes caught it. The ball, though, slipped a little and fell behind Rhodes. He instinctively dived the other direction and finished the catch as he hit the ground.

Dwayne Leverock’s (2007) 

It occurred during an over against India during that year’s World Cup. To get the ball in hand and take a wicket, the Bermudan player executed a full dive. Nevertheless, it remains regarded as Bermuda’s best World Cup wicket and is frequently discussed. To the amazement of all the fans, the Apex Cricket Council tweeted about this event on the same day, March 19, this year.

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Five iconic ODI World Cup catches

Sheldon Cottrell (2019)

It has been suggested that the catch made by West Indies player Sheldon Cortrell to brilliantly dismiss Steve Smith in front of the crowd’s viewing screen may have been the best catch in World Cup history. As Steve Smith sent Oshane Thomas to the leg-side boundary, Cortrell dashed in from fine-leg to cover around 20 yards out to grab the ball with one hand, fling it up in the air, retake his position, and collect it again. As Smith made his way back to the pavilion, his expression of complete amazement said it all.

Ben Stokes (2019)

The 2019 World Cup is already shaping up to be a competition of exceptional catches with Ben Stokes and Sheldon Cottrell vying for the title of greatest catch. In the 34th over of the first game, Ben Stokes made a great move by springing backwards and collecting the ball with one hand. Phelukwayo of South Africa flicked Adil Rashid in an effort to clear the ropes over the off-side. However, Stokes produced a spectacular catch, catching the ball just short of the goal while it was still in mid-flight.

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