For a long-term position with the Pakistan cricket squad, Hafeez will have to fight hard

For a long-term position with the Pakistan cricket squad, Hafeez will have to fight hard.The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee named Mohammad Hafeez the team director for the national cricket team in November of last year. But, there is a small roadblock in Hafeez’s long-term contract negotiations because the committee lacks the authority to decide these kinds of things on its own. Important matters require their clearance from the government.

A management change could provide issues for Hafeez, who has expressed interest in a longer deal, given the team’s recent underwhelming performances during tours to Australia and New Zealand. The committee’s other proposal, to appoint Azhar Ali as Director of the National Cricket Academy, is likewise stalled awaiting approval from the government.

The PCB Management Committee meeting that was scheduled for yesterday was abruptly called off. The reason for the cancellation was a letter they got on Sunday night from the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) stating that the committee was not allowed to hold elections or form a new governing board.

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Furthermore, there may be problems for the possibly cold collaboration between Cricket Australia and PCB. The planning for the women’s and Under-19 cricket teams’ trips was underway, but there was a risk that the uncertainty surrounding the committee’s power and decision-making would cause problems. After visiting Australia recently, Zaka Ashraf and Salman Naseer of the PCB Management Committee discussed many initiatives, but everything is still up in the air.

To put it simply, there are some problems with the government clearances required for significant cricket decisions, and this is creating doubt about the cricket board’s future plans, including significant partnerships and major hires.

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