Four ODI World Cup 2023 semifinalist teams, according to Shane Watson

Four ODI World Cup 2023 semifinalist teams, according to Shane Watson. The ODI globe Cup 2023, which will begin on October 5 in India, has the entire cricketing globe on edge with anticipation. Australian veteran all-rounder Shane Watson entered the fray and provided his thoughts into the four teams he thinks would advance to the semi-finals of the forthcoming event as fans and analysts alike avidly speculated about the probable victors and top-performing teams.

Watson made significant contributions to Australian cricket that will live on in history. During his illustrious career, he scored over 1400 runs in T20 internationals, 3731 runs in Test matches, and 5757 runs in ODIs. Notably, Watson played a crucial role in Australia’s team that won the ODI World Cup.

In a recent interview with Star Sports, Watson shared his top four choices for the 13th ODI World Cup semi-finalists. The 24-year-old’s decisions, which were based on the present strengths of international cricket teams, were a clear indication of his keen comprehension of the game.

Four ODI World Cup 2023 semifinalist teams, according to Shane Watson


It’s not surprising that Watson selected Australia as one of the top contenders given his background as a former Australian cricketer and two-time World Cup champion. The Australian team has a history of putting on outstanding performances in World Cup competitions, and with a great team, they are ready to contend in the 2023 tournament.


India is consistently regarded as a strong force in any international cricket competition thanks to its passionate cricket supporters and a roster of world-class players. The team has the added benefit of home crowd support because to India hosting the ODI World Cup in 2023, which makes them a strong semifinal contender.


Defending champions England In recent years, the England cricket team has experienced a revival in white-ball cricket. They are unquestionably one of the favorites to go to the semi-finals because to their aggressive style of play and a group full of match-winners.


Pakistan, a team renowned for its flair and unpredictability, is Watson’s final selection for the semi-finalists. With a history of success in ICC competitions, Pakistan has the ability to advance far in the competition if they can find their form.

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