Gary Stead, the head coach of New Zealand, Provides an update on Mitchell Santner’s readiness for the upcoming World Cup 2023

Gary Stead, the head coach of New Zealand, provides an update on Mitchell Santner’s readiness for the upcoming World Cup 2023. A complete scan of spin bowling all-rounder Mitchell Santner’s knee produced favourable results, according to New Zealand head coach Gary Stead, who gave an update on the situation. Mitchell Santner’s availability for the eagerly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023 has garnered Gary Stead’s faith.

In the second ODI of the current series against England, Mitchell Santner hurt his knee while fielding. The third ODI game did not include the left-arm spinner. On Wednesday at The Oval, Glenn Phillips and Rachin Ravindra split the spin bowling duties while he was away.

Although there is obvious swelling around the knee, Gary Stead emphasised that Mitchell Santner’s ailment appeared to be a joint issue and nothing more serious.

“Mitch underwent a complete scan on the knee he fell on when he made that grab in the previous Ageas Bowl game. It turned out well, which is wonderful for us. He still has some edoema around the knee, which they believe to be a joint issue. That’s all there is, Gary Stead stated.

The two spinners in New Zealand’s 15-person preliminary roster for the 2018 World Cup in India are Mitchell Satner and Ish Shodi. The series’ absentee character Shodi is now resting at home before the

With regard to the players’ performance in the most recent game, Gary Stead voiced displeasure. He said that due to the hectic schedule and the desire to keep players in shape for the next World Cup, they had to make a few adjustments to the starting lineup.

“Haven’t all seven games been a little bit like that? We were merely stating that a close game would be excellent so that we could see both teams under duress. We didn’t play at our best tonight, which was frustrating, but they played really well. Ben Stokes put in an outstanding performance.

“Both teams have utilised the chance to slightly alter their starting lineups. We’re aware that there will be a lot of games in a short amount of time because of the congestion.

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