Gautam Gambhir: "ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistan Match Is Just A Step Towards Winning Trophy"

Gautam Gambhir: “ ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistan Match is just a step towards winning trophy”. According to former Indian starting pitcher Gautam Gambhir, the ICC World Cup 2023 trophy should be focused on India rather than India and Pakistan. Gautam Gambhir added that the match against Pakistan was just one step on the way to winning the World Cup.

The ICC World Cup 2023 match between India and Pakistan is scheduled for October 14. One of the most anticipated and talked-about games is this one. The cricket community has been talking a lot about the match.

Cricketer-turned-commentator Gautam Gambhir said that the India vs. Pakistan game shouldn’t be the only thing people are thinking about. Instead, he believes that India’s participation in and victory over the World Cup trophy should also be discussed.

“You shouldn’t enter the competition believing that our only goal is to defeat Pakistan. And I sincerely hope it doesn’t occur in the upcoming 50-over World Cup in India. On October 14, I hope it won’t just be about Pakistan and India.

Because you never know how many members of this World Cup team will compete in the following World Cup, I hope it’s about India reaching the World Cup final and winning the trophy. And it does not occur until 4 years later. Gautam Gambhir also said that playing Pakistan was just a preliminary step in winning the World Cup.

“Everything should not only be focused on India and Pakistan for us as a nation, for us as supporters, and for us as broadcasters. It all revolves around claiming the World Cup. A block is all that Pakistan is. The former left-handed batsman added, “It’s just one step towards winning the World Cup.

 Gambhir also recalled how, in previous World Cup competitions, the match against Pakistan was merely a preliminary to winning the championship. He also believes that if we consider winning the World Cup, the Indian team will be in a much better position.

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