Hardik Pandya or Bumrah Who could be a better white ball captain for India?

Hardik Pandya or Bumrah Who could be a better white ball captain for India? The Indian team is going through a change right now, and because of this, team management has had to make some pretty difficult decisions. 

The key aspects of this period are changes to the starting lineup, the batting order, and most significantly, the captaincy duties. In order to decide whether Hardik or Bumrah will be a better white-ball captain for India, we shall examine the captaincy role and statistics in this piece.

We haven’t recently witnessed Team India in action at full strength because of this change. We witnessed a backup or third-string side going abroad and competing at home following the T20I World Cup in 2022.

There have been a lot of captaincy rotations in the recent months. Before, whenever the usual skipper took a break, Shikhar Dhawan assumed leadership of the Indian squad. He is suddenly nowhere to be found in the screening process.

For a long period in the T20I format, the Indian team management has preferred Hardik Pandya as captain. He started off his tenure as captain of the national squad with a bang and has outstanding IPL statistics. But after making several poor choices and recent poor numbers, his captaincy has suddenly fallen short of expectations.

In the just finished T20I series against the West Indies, Hardik Pandya captained the Indian team, and it was such a terrible experience.

Jasprit Bumrah made his comeback to international cricket with two outstanding spells 2/24 in the first T20I and 2/15 but more significantly, he led his team to victories in both games and the completion of the T20I series.

The statistics for the team’s performance under the leadership of Hardik and Bumrah are listed below:

Hardik Pandya as Captain:

FormatMatches (As Captain)WonLostDrawTieNRWin %

Jaspret Bumrah as Captain:

FormatMatches (as Captain)WonLostDrawTieNRWin%

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