How to reach HPCA Dharamshala Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

How to reach HPCA Dharamshala Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023? Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, known as the HPCA Stadium, is a lovely picturesque cricket stadium located in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India, in the Kangra district. Dharamsala is best known internationally as the Tibetan Dalai Lama’s residence. It is also regarded as one of the world’s most attractive cricket grounds.

The cricket stadium, which has a capacity of 23,000 people, is set among stunning natural environments. It has an elevation of 1457 metres above sea level. The Dhauladhar range is in the centre of the mountain with the snowcap. This is the world’s highest stadium, and it is frequently used for practice by the Indian cricket team.

We will assist you in finding the perfect tour to enjoy the chilly, breathtaking, and invigorating pure air, beautiful mountain views, tranquil setting, and wonderful natural wonders. 

How to reach HPCA Dharamshala Stadium

How to reach HPCA Dharamshala Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023? The stadium is ideally located in Gaggal, Himachal Pradesh, about 11 kilometres from Kangra International Airport. To get to the stadium, you can simply locate local transportation.

The most scenic route to the stadium, though, is by car. During your visit to the stadium, you can admire Himachal Pradesh’s breathtaking nature and learn about its rich culture. You can take a cab from Chandigarh, which is roughly 250 kilometres from Dharamshala. Alternatively, you can take a direct taxi from New Delhi, which is 475 kilometres from Dharamshala.

How to reach by Train

The nearest railway station to Dharamshala is Kangra, which is 18 kilometres away. Pathankot, 90 kilometres from Dharamshala, is the nearest railway station. Pathankot is linked to the country’s major railroads. 

How to reach by Road

 Dharmashala is accessible to major Indian highways. There are direct bus services from here to Chandigarh, Delhi, Shimla, Manali, and Pathankot. With Sunrsie Himachal P, you can travel with confidence.

How to reach by Air

The nearest airport is Gaggal, which is only 13 kilometres from Dharamshala, but it likewise has only direct flights from Delhi.

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Stadium’s Architecture

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium is India’s first to employ ryegrass on the outfield. The common grass dies due to adverse weather conditions in winter, when the temperature drops to dangerously low levels. Ryegrass, on the other hand, can thrive even when temperatures drop below 10°C. The usage of ryegrass makes winter stadium maintenance much easier.

The structure of the stands at the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium is another noteworthy aspect. The stand is designed to be compact in size so that air can easily move through. Because of this one aspect, it is ideal for quick bowlers, who can expect wind assistance.

The architecture of the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, which is inspired by Tibetan style buildings, is the most stunning feature. The stadium is painted in brilliant colours that symbolise Dharamshala’s rich history and culture. The stadium provides amazing views against a dense foggy backdrop of the Dhauladhar mountains.

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