ICC Cricket ODI World Cup 1987 Highest Total

Today we are talking about the ICC Cricket ODI World Cup 1987 Highest Total. The ODI format was changed from 60 to 50 but the number of runs scored by individual captains and teams during group matches continued. Grow. Batting dominated the high-scoring games, and low scores were rare.

West Indies vs Sri Lanka

The match between West Indies and Sri Lanka was played at the National Stadium. Karachi was the highest scoring game of the tournament. Viv Richards and Desmond Haynes added over 180 runs between them. Richards scored a tournament-high 181 runs, 4 for 50, and helped the team reach 360 runs. Sri Lanka lost the match by 191 runs.

 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

In the Group B match, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by 113 runs. Salim Malik scored an impressive 100 and helped Pakistan to 297 from 50 overs. The Sri Lankan batsmen struggled to match 100 RBI, failing to score Doulif Mendis and Arjuna Ranatunga. Abdul Qadir’s magical spell limited the opposition and Pakistan won easily. 

England vs Sri Lanka

The match between England and Sri Lanka was lopsided with England winning the match by 108 runs. With the help of Graham Gooch and Alan Knott, England set a record 296 runs for 50 runs. Arjuna Ranatunga and Ranjan Madgulle gave their all but Embury and Hemming led Sri Lanka with a spin attack. 

Australia vs India

The clash between the two teams, which could have won the World Cup, is mostly remembered for the all-round performance of Mohammad Azharuddin, who was equipped with both the ball and the ball. India scored 289 from 50 with contributions from Gavaskar, Sidhu and Vengsarkar. The Australians hit back with spirited responses from Boone and Waugh. Maninder Singh struck early and Azharuddin struck in the 49th over to give Australia a 56-run victory.

India vs Australia

The Indian bowlers predictably failed to deliver. Kapil, Prabhakar, Binny and Maninder all bowled expensively and the Australian batsmen continued to score easily. Marsh kept the scoreboard moving along with Boone and Jones and Steve Waugh helped Australia to a total of 270.

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