ICC Cricket ODI World Cup 1987 Top Runs Scorer

Today, we discuss  ICC Cricket ODI World Cup 1987 Top Runs Scorer. The World Cup event was jointly conducted for the first time in India and Pakistan after three consecutive World Cup tournaments were staged in England. 

One of India’s most prosperous businesses, Reliance Industries, owned by Dhirubhai Ambani, sponsored the Cup.

The tournament’s structure has not changed, with the exception of the match’s 50-over limit on the amount of overs. The tournament’s eight teams were split into two groups and played 27 matches, including the semifinal and championship games.

 India, New Zealand, Australia, and Zimbabwe made up Group A, while Pakistan, the West Indies, England, and Sri Lanka made up Group B.

The World Cup was the event that best predicted the future of ODI matches, where batters began to rule the game by amassing more runs. The batsmen in this World Cup broke record after record and assisted their sides in reaching lofty goals. 

Australia narrowly overcame England by 7 runs in the game’s decisive encounter in Kolkata. The Reliance World Cup had been won by the Australian team led by Allan Border.

With a career spanning more than 18 years on the international stage, Graham Gooch was one of England’s most productive batsmen. During the World Cup tournament, he was in the zone and scored 100 points under duress.

 He played a significant role in England’s victory over India in the World Cup semi-final and their subsequent advancement to the championship game. He amassed the most runs at the 1987 Cricket World Cup.

Many more athletes, including Rameez Raja, Saleem Malik, Dean Jones, Sunil Gavaskar, and Allan Lamb, made significant contributions in the matches they took part in during the 1987 Reliance World Cup.

The successful batsman who scored most runs during 1987 World Cup are given below:

Mike GattingEngland35450.57
Sir Viv Richards West Indies39165.16
Geoff MarshAustralia42861.14
David BoonAustralia44755.87
Garaham GoochEngland47158.87

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