ICC Cricket ODI World Cup 1999 Highest Wicket Takers

Today we will talk about the ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 highest wicket takers. Unlike the previous World Cups, the 1999 World Cup saw the bowlers having a better time at the office. Geoff Allott led the list of wickets followed by Warne, McGrath, Klusener and Mushtaq.

Saqlain Mushtaq – Pakistan

Saqlain Mushtaq was considered one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket and Pakistan. He pioneered a unique delivery of tireless action foot brake and called it Dusra. Saqlain Mushtaq played well and became the first Pakistani batsman to score a hat-trick against Zimbabwe in the 1999 World Cup. He is fifth in the list of cricketers with the most wickets in the 1999 World Cup with 17 wickets.

Lance Kluzener – South Africa

Klusener was a popular man in South Africa. He hit the ball hard with a baseball-style backswing during matches and his impressive high-seam bowling remained South Africa’s formidable weapon during the 1999 World Cup. His efforts could have won the World Cup in South Africa, but he was unlucky in the last minute.

He won the Man of the Tournament award for his light hitting and effective bowling, taking 17 wickets in the tournament. 4th in the list of most wicket takers in the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

Glenn McGrath – Australia

Glenn McGrath is still one of Australia’s fastest bowlers. He has maintained his line and length throughout his career. The sight of him looking at the dough with a smile on his face while chanting the spell always makes the dough nervous.

During the World Cup tour, McGrath bowled economically and had opponents fighting for every run. He remains on the list of top bowlers with 18 wickets. He was ranked third in the list of most runs by players in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. 

Shane Warne – Australia

Shane Warne is as popular on the field as he is because of his controversial lifestyle. But on the field he showed his composure and control of the ball. His performance against South Africa was outstanding. He removed four key batsmen, Gibbs, Kirsten, Cronje and Kallis, to take the team to the final.

In the final, he helped his team beat Pakistan by 132 runs and the rest is history. Warne remained on top of the list of top bowlers with 20 wickets in the tournament. He is second in the list of most wickets taken in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. 

Geoff Allott – New Zealand

Geoff Allott was a very effective bowler who always tested his tricks and controlled his batsmen. He was the best keeper of the tournament with his amazing moves and mystical left hand that fooled many of the big hitters during the game. 

Unfortunately, Allott retired early after a series of injuries. He played consistently to take 20 wickets and helped his team reach the semi-finals of the tournament. He topped the list of most wickets taken in the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

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