ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 Winner

Let’s take a look at ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 Winner.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) organised the seventh edition of the Cricket World Cup in 1999, which is also known as the ICC Cricket World Cup ’99. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Netherlands served as co-hosts, with England serving as the primary host. Australia won the competition by defeating Pakistan by 8 wickets in the championship game at London’s Lord’s Cricket Ground. The other finalists were South Africa and New Zealand.

Instead of the customary four years, the competition was held three years after the last Cricket World Cup.

Australia trounced Pakistan by eight wickets in a one-sided final to claim victory. Shane Warne, a leg-spinner, was the master wrecker, taking four wickets while only allowing 33 runs to be scored.

Glenn McGrath and Tom Moody, who both got two wickets, provided Warne with strong support. In the championship game, Warne was named player of the contest.

Pakistan under Wasim Akram never had a chance in the match since they had no response for the Australian bowlers and were knocked out for just 132 runs. Ijaz Ahmed scored the most runs, 22.

Australia took 20.1 overs to reach the modest target. Adam Gilchrist hit eight fours and a six in his quick-fire 54 off of 36. At 37, Mark Waugh was still undefeated. Darren blasted a home run to score the match.

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There were 12 teams participating, with 42 total matches. The teams were split into two groups of six for the group stage, and each team played every other team in its group once. For the 1999 World Cup, the top three teams from each group advanced to the Super Sixes. 

Each team carried over the points from its matches against the other qualifiers in its group and then faced off against every qualifier from the opposing group (e.g., every qualifier from Group A faced off against every qualifier from Group B, and vice versa). The top four Super Sixes teams moved on to the semifinals.


12 teams competed in the 1999 World Cup, which was the same number as the 1996 tournament. The host nation England and the other eight test-playing nations qualified for the World Cup automatically. The 1997 ICC Trophy in Malaysia determined the last three positions.

In the 1997 ICC Trophy competition, 22 nations took part. Kenya and Bangladesh advanced to the World Cup semifinals after finishing second and third in their respective groups. Scotland won the third-place playoff against Ireland, becoming the third country to advance.

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