ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 All Match List

Let’s take a look at ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 All Match List.

The expected ICC Cricket World Cup schedule for 2023 with all matches, times, and venues is given below. The ICC mega event, the 2023 World Cup is planned to take place in India between October and November of 2023.

The wonderful news is that India will host the 13th ICC World Cup, which will be the tournament’s 13th iteration. 

It will be an exciting time for cricket fans to watch as all of the world’s cricketing nations compete for a single trophy in the World Cup. Now be ready to see the 13th edition of the ICC World Cup. There will be 10 teams competing in the ICC World Cup, which is anticipated to begin in October 2023.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 All Match List, is given below in detail

1England vs South AfricaOct-NovIndia
2West Indies vs PakistanOct-NovIndia
3New Zealand vs Sri LankaOct-NovIndia
4Afghanistan vs AustraliaOct-NovIndia
5South Africa vs BangladeshOct-NovIndia
6England vs PakistanOct-NovIndia
7Afghanistan vs Sri LankaOct-NovIndia
8South Africa vs IndiaOct-NovIndia
9Bangladesh vs New ZealandOct-NovIndia
10Australia vs West IndiesOct-NovIndia
11Pakistan vs Sri LankaOct-NovIndia
12England vs BangladeshOct-NovIndia
13Afghanistan vs New ZealandOct-NovIndia
14India vs AustraliaOct-NovIndia
15South Africa vs West IndiesOct-NovIndia
16Bangladesh vs Sri LankaOct-NovIndia
17Australia vs PakistanOct-NovIndia
18India vs New ZealandOct-NovIndia
19England vs West IndiesOct-NovIndia
20Sri Lanka vs AustraliaOct-NovIndia
21South Africa vs AfghanistanOct-NovIndia
22India vs PakistanOct-NovIndia
23West Indies VS BangladeshOct-NovIndia
24England vs AfghanistanOct-NovIndia
25New Zealand vs South AfricaOct-NovIndia
26Australia vs BangladeshOct-NovIndia
27England vs Sri LankaOct-NovIndia
28India vs AfghanistanOct-NovIndia
29West Indies vs New ZealandOct-NovIndia
30Pakistan vs South AfricaOct-NovIndia
31Bangladesh vs AfghanistanOct-NovIndia
32England vs AustraliaOct-NovIndia
33New Zealand vs PakistanOct-NovIndia
34West Indies vs IndiaOct-NovIndia
35Sri Lanka vs South AfricaOct-NovIndia
36Pakistan vs AfghanistanOct-NovIndia
37New Zealand vs AustraliaOct-NovIndia
38England vs IndiaOct-NovIndia
39Sri Lanka vs West IndiesOct-NovIndia
40India vs BangladeshOct-NovIndia
41England vs New ZealandOct-NovIndia
42Afghanistan vs West IndiesOct-NovIndia
43Pakistan vs BangladeshOct-NovIndia
44Sri Lanka vs IndiaOct-NovIndia
45Australia vs South AfricaOct-NovIndia
46TBC vs TBC (1st Semifinal)NovemberIndia
47TBC vs TBC (2nd Semifinal)NovemberIndia
48TBC vs TBC FinalNovemberIndia

The ICC cricket world cup is a 40-plus day event that takes place in October and November. After winning the ICC world cup in the previous year, England is the reigning champion.

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