ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits And Logo 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits And Logo, Below are the team uniform designs and colors for the 2023 ICC World Cup. Every squad has a unique color on the outside of their uniforms. Such example, blue shirts are worn by the Indian team, and green by the Pakistani team. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits & Logo of different teams are given below

 I’ve organized all of these teams and their equipment for the 2023 World Cup here below. The twelve teams have already qualified for the T20 series directly. In groups 1 and 2, these Super Ten teams have been scheduled as regulars. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits And Logo 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits And Logo

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South Africa

South Africa has unveiled its uniform for the ICC World Cup in 2023. With its flag emblem on the left side and grey lace highlighting the country name, South Africa’s new jersey is designed in green and yellow.


The England cricket team is displayed by the England and Wales Cricket Board. For the ICC World Cup 2023, one of the top 10 teams is a team that competes on a global scale.

West Indies

The dark burgundy that west Indians typically wear with white and crimson embossed lines on both lapels is also present this time. On the right side of their jersey, the West Indian kit has an imprinted version of their national crest.

Sri Lanka

Sri, Lanka represented by a lion holding a sword, has also made excellent preparations for the match, including their jersey attire. The Sri Lanka logo is yellow and is placed on the left side of their dark navy blue.


India is putting additional effort into this series because it will be hosting the ICC World Cup in 2023. It has unveiled a new kit that contrasts dark and light blue, which is distinct from all of its earlier outfits.


Australia is the one Day international team with the strongest strength. The jersey kit for the ICC World Cup 2023 has also been created by ODI. They have a collar in addition.


The red and green jersey for Bangladesh’s 2023 world cup team has collars. The ICC world cup signs are printed on the right side, while its tagline is put on the left heart side. They created their uniform in accordance with their national flag, much like they did for the 2015 world cup.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team Kits & Logo for the zimbabwe team is very unique. Zimbabwe’s team uniform for the ICC 2023 world cup is similarly displayed in red and green with a black section that looks like a bowl, with the word “Zimbabwe” printed in yellow.

New Zealand

By defeating Afghanistan and Hong Kong in the warm-up series, New Zealand qualified for the main tournament. It was wearing a black cap and a shirt with its flag symbol printed on it and had off yellowish complexion.


Pakistan has always been associated with the green shirt, and this time will be no exception. However, some new changes have been made, including the embossing of their flag’s moon and star within the Pakistan logo.


Ireland’s cricket association created a green-colored uniform, with black pants. This color scheme is much superior.


The blue cricket jersey and several of the blue colored caps were created by the Afghanistan Board. Also, they will participate and represent their nation in this ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.


The Netherlands’ national color is orange, although they also have touches of blue on the front and rear. When using the same color to tich the trouser.


The sleeves of the Namibia cricket team’s uniform are a different color from the rest of the body. They also made the trouser the same shade.

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