ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Twitter Reaction and Memes

Let’s take a look at ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Twitter Reaction and Memes.

According to the announcement’s the 2023 ICC World Cup championships will take place from 16 october 2023 to 13 November 2023. Sports fans around the world are still looking forward to the ODI Men’s World championships. We have put together all the live stream data for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The twitter reaction and memes of the previous world cup are given below and people are anxiously waiting for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Twitter Reaction and Memes:

Dive Catch of Pakistani captain Sarfraz Ahmed

Sarfaras Ahmed has managed to silence the critics after a spectacular hold against New Zealand in Birmingham. But her epic journey has once again captivated many memes.

When Virat Folded his arms and begged Kohli to be the Umpire for the DRS call

Afghanistan gave India a big scare against Southampton. At 6/0, Shami gave Indian fans a glimmer of hope by catching the dangerous Hazratullah Zazai at the wicket.

The on-field umpire did not lift a finger, at which point Kohli stepped in and asked the 3rd umpire to intervene. The Indian captain folded his arms and briefly discussed the DRS rules with the umpire before asking the umpire for the rules.

Unsurprisingly, his mixed emotions struck a chord with even fans on the microblogging site, and funny people on Twitter soon turned the animated character into a relatable meme.

Funny Expression of Anushka Sharma

Anushka joined virat kohli during the Cricket World Cup in England and was seen cheering him on in the crowd during the India vs Sri Lanka clash at headingley.

His photos and videos can be found on the Internet. Noticing that the camera was pointing at him, he immediately turned his glasses to look directly at him from behind his slanted sunglasses. Anushka’s funny words inspired several memes on twitter.

When Chahal was caught chilling on the border rope

When India defeated Sri Lanka in their final World Cup game in Leeds, they were largely ignored and won with visible confidence. Indian bowler Yuzvendra Chahal looked relaxed as he dozed off at the edge of the pitch. Her casual look and relaxed demeanor quickly made her the fodder for hilarious memes.

Rain Memes

Rain was a major scourge during the World Cup as several matches were called off due to constraint rain. Not to mention the disappointment of fans around the world who have been waiting for this tournament for four years. Now we all know that the best way to deal with this frustration is to create a meme, and that’s why what twitter did.

When Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawned against India

Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was seen yawning to the camera after misstepping during the most watched mammoth match between India and Pakistan in history. It is clear that Pak captain’s antics will always be the way to go, attracting a million eyes every second during the match. Soon, the amazing yawn, or rather a meme magnet, was immortalized by Indian fans on Twitter.

When angry Pakistani fans in the audience turn into Meme & Meme Merchandise

Save your best move for last. One of the most talked about incidents at 2019 tournament was an angry Pakistani fan expressing his disappointment with Pakistan’s performance against Australia. Akhtar’s reaction was caught on TV cameras while watching the Pakistan vs Australia match in Taunton. He caused a backlash by telling an ICC commentator that he was disappointed with his failure on the field.

Australia and Pakistan Match

The fourth match of the 2019 ICC World Cup between the Pakistan cricket team and Australia, which they lost, offered Twitter a meme for every occasion.

On June 12 in Taunton, UK, Pakistan faced off against Australia and lost by a score of 41 runs. Although Pakistan’s bowlers performed admirably against Australia, it was the team’s batsmen who fell short.

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