ICC Mascot Names made Public Prior to the World Cup 2023

ICC mascot names made public prior to the World Cup 2023. Prior to the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India, the names of the two official ICC mascots have been made public after fans from all around the world cast their votes. People got really excited after mascots are being announced officially.

Before the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, the ICC has revealed that the names “Blaze” and “Tonk” have been picked by a unanimous vote.

The two mascots will be present at all World Cup games on the venues, mingling with spectators and bringing additional energy to the main event. Fans from all across the world were asked to help name the pair when they were first introduced in August, with Blaze and Tonk coming out on top. 

ICC Mascot Names made Public Prior to the World Cup 2023

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The female mascot “Blaze” bowls at a high rate of speed, leaving batters speechless. Due to her pin-point accuracy, outstanding reflexes, limitless flexibility, and unyielding resolve, she is a fast-bowling sensation. Six power cricket orbs on her belt are precisely crafted for a variety of game-changing strategies. 

Tonk, the male mascot, is a batting champion thanks to his ice-cold demeanor. His wide variety of shots, which display both finesse and power in equal measure, sizzle and electrify the fans. Tonk can light up the biggest stage with his electric bat and diverse shot selection. 

The Cricket World Cup in India, which gets underway on October 5 with a heavyweight match between England and New Zealand in Ahmedabad, will feature the two mascots in action. The mascots will be present in both fan parks and stadiums, enhancing the mood. On November 19, after being contested at ten different locations, the final match will take place at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

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