ICC removes cricket's ban against Sri Lanka

ICC removes cricket’s ban against Sri Lanka. An important change in the cricket scene has occurred with the International Cricket Council (ICC) lifting the ban on Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with immediate effect, after a two-month suspension. The suspension was put into effect on November 10, 2023, as a result of SLC’s breach of its obligations as an ICC Member, specifically with regard to preserving governance autonomy and preventing government meddling in Sri Lankan cricket administration.

Sri Lanka can officially resume playing international cricket, including bilateral matches and participation in ICC events, according to a statement made by the ICC today. On the other hand, the ongoing U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup has been moved to South Africa from Sri Lanka.

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The ICC Board, which had been keeping a careful eye on the matter, expressed pleasure that SLC had taken the necessary steps to rectify the issues and was now in conformity with its membership requirements. After careful consideration and consideration, the decision was made to preserve the independence and integrity of Sri Lankan cricket governance.

A turbulent period preceded SLC’s suspension, with the Sri Lankan parliament demanding the board’s resignation due to accusations of financial mismanagement. Tensions between the government and the cricket association increased after Roshan Ranasinghe, the minister of sports, accused the board of embezzling money.

Following the suspension, the Court of Appeal in Sri Lanka stepped in and reinstated Shammi Silva, the former President of the SLC, while more legal action was taken. The court’s ruling gave the struggling cricket body a little reprieve, enabling it to carry on with operations despite the ongoing legal disputes.

The emphasis now switches to restoring confidence, encouraging openness, and guiding Sri Lanka Cricket toward a better future as the sport emerges from this turbulent time. The suspension’s lifting represents a new beginning for Sri Lankan cricket, bringing with it the prospect of peace and increased impetus on the global scene.

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