ICC World Cup 2023 Bars: Preventing Future Disruptions In the wake of the IND vs AUS Incident, infamous Jarvo, the Pitch Invader

ICC World Cup 2023 : Preventing Future Disruptions In the wake of the IND vs AUS Incident, infamous Jarvo, the Pitch Invader. Daniel Jarvis, well known by his stage name Jarvo, was apprehended by security officers at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in a surprising turn of events. 

The event happened right before Sunday’s eagerly awaited World Cup match between India and Australia. Infiltrating the field while wearing India blues, Jarvis, a frequent pitch invader and social media star, raised questions about the efficacy of security procedures.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) acted right away and forbade Jarvo from going to any more games in the competition. But everyone is wondering how he managed to get into the VIP area and get past multiple levels of security to get into the Field of Play (FOP).

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In response to questions from PTI over the violation, an ICC spokeswoman stated that “the individual concerned has been banned from attending any further games at the event, and the matter is in the hands of the Indian authorities.”

This is not the first time that Jarvo has disrupted an India match. The Englishman, who has a history of disobeying security protocols in the UK, has now embarrassed both the ICC and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) by entering the site while wearing an India shirt. During the march past, he made a brazen attempt to approach the Indian squad, in particular their star player Virat Kohli.

The security guard for the Indian team promptly seized Jarvo and led him out of the arena when the first shock subsided. Kohli, however, didn’t appear amused by the circumstance. Due to his prior actions in England, Jarvo was prohibited from using English grounds. Sadly, his activities at the time were not taken seriously, which allowed him to carry on with his disruptive conduct.

“Our top concern is ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. When questioned about the incident, an ICC spokesperson said, “We will work with the venue to investigate what happened and evaluate whether any further security measures are needed to prevent it from happening again. While Indian fans struggle to get tickets, people like Jarvo can only get expensive VIP passes. 

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