Iftikhar Ahmed becomes enraged at a fan who calls him “chachu.” The second Twenty20 International between Pakistan and New Zealand at Seddon Park, Hamilton, took an unexpected turn when Pakistan’s middle-order batsman, Iftikhar Ahmed, became embroiled in an awkward exchange with a fan who called him “chachu,” a term commonly used in South Asian countries for uncle. 

The incident happened during the first innings while Iftikhar was fielding, and a video of the encounter has sparked reactions. The fan tried to offer support by telling Iftikhar, “We are your fans,” to which the cricket player replied sharply, “Stay quiet.” The incident surprised many because Iftikhar had earlier mentioned enjoying the “chachu” chants from spectators. 

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The latest footage, though, appears to show a change in Iftikhar’s tolerance, or it might just be the intensity of the moment during a close game. Iftikhar had already thanked the audience for their support, despite the unease in the stands, highlighting how much affection he gets everywhere he goes.

Pakistani cricket players have nicknames that are known by spectators as well as by other players in the sport. Previously, Iftikhar, also referred to as “chachu,” saw it as a positive and encouraging part of his interactions with onlookers.

In the cricket match, New Zealand won the second Twenty20 International by 21 runs, moving them one match closer to winning the series. Pakistan encountered difficulties when attempting to reach the 195-run mark, but the collaboration of Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman stood out. But the visitors found it difficult to sustain their pace, and even with a strong performance from Fakhar Zaman, they could not win the chase. Both teams are eager to leave their imprint on the series as they prepare for a thrilling finish in the next games.

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