In a furious tweet, Venkatesh Prasad criticises the BCCI for the Cricket World Cup 2023 ticket debacle

In a furious tweet, Venkatesh Prasad criticises the BCCI for the Cricket World Cup 2023 ticket debacle. In order to improve the fan experience at the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup in India, former India great bowler Venkatesh Prasad calls on the BCCI to make better preparations. He also takes issue with the Asian Cricket Council’s choice to set aside a reserve day solely for the India-Pakistan game during the 2023 Asia Cup.

Venkatesh Prasad, a great of Indian cricket, thinks that for the Indian team to have a lasting influence at the next ICC ODI World Cup, which begins on October 5, they not only need a good roster but also unwavering support from their supporters. He maintains that it is essential for the spectators to have a memorable stadium experience that is greater to anything they have previously had.

As Prasad candidly stated, “We have a good team and are strong contenders for the World Cup 2023, but we need genuine fans inside the stadium cheering for the team, and their experience needs to be far smoother and easier than what it has been. For that, the BCCI needs to do far better than they have done thus far. We as a nation should not be let down at any cost since it is a reflection on the country as a whole. These comments were posted on X, the previous name for Twitter.

Prasad’s criticism continued after that, though. He recently made fun of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) for making an unexpected decision about the Asia Cup 2023. The Council made the decision to set aside a reserve day just for the intense match between India and Pakistan that was slated for the Super Four stage.

Prasad, who was obviously miffed by the ACC’s decision, was blunt: “If true, this is sheer shamelessness. It is unethical to hold a tournament where the regulations are different for the other two teams, and the organisers have made a mockery of the event. Justice will only be served if the first day is abandoned; may it rain more heavily the next day and their evil schemes fail. This viewpoint was also expressed.

For completeness, it should be noted that the ACC recently announced that there will be a backup day for the India-Pakistan match scheduled for September 10 at the R Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. If play is halted by unavoidable weather circumstances, the game will resume on September 11 at the point where it left off.

The narratives and choices made in the days leading up to the tournaments will be influenced by these conversations and the worries expressed by former players like Prasad.

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