In Case Rohit Sharma Decides to Stop Playing ODIs and Step Down as India's Captain after the World Cup

In case Rohit Sharma decides to stop playing ODIs and step down as India’s captain after the World Cup. According to a BCCI official, India has a successor ready and waiting to take over as captain should Rohit Sharma decide to retire from international white-ball cricket after the 2023 World Cup.

When Rohit Sharma took over as India’s captain after Virat Kohli, he had two major tournaments in mind: the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2022 and the 50-over World Cup at home in 2023. But a year later, the only thing Rohit can claim credit for are victories in bilateral series. The two major ICC competitions that India had targeted for victory in 2022 were a complete failure. India was eliminated from the World Cup after a lopsided semifinal loss to England, failing to advance to the Asia Cup final in the process. India’s dismal performance can be attributed to a variety of factors, including poor team selection, top players suffering from injuries, and a lack of focus and effort. However, the trophy cabinet has not yet been filled.

But that is all the past now. This new year represents a new beginning. By winning the World Cup later this year, Rohit can drive away the ghosts of 2022. What happens afterwards is the problem, though. By the time the World Cup is complete, Rohit will be 36, and it’s likely that he will give up limited-overs cricket to the younger players. And once he does, it won’t take long to determine who will lead India going forward. Or has that already happened? Hardik Pandya is the obvious candidate to succeed Rohit as India’s white-ball captain now that he has taken charge of the T20I team, and if a specific BCCI source is to be believed, the wheels are in motion.

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“Rohit is currently the man selected to represent India in this year’s World Cup, but we must make plans for the future. Simply cannot wait for events to occur before acting. We need to have a plan in place just in case Rohit decides to give up the ODI format or the captaincy beyond the 2023 World Cup, a senior board official told News18.

Hardik is off to a fantastic start as a captain. In his first-ever assignment as captain of a top-flight club, Hardik led Gujarat Titans to IPL victory last season. Since then, he has guided India to series victories in Ireland, New Zealand, and now against Sri Lanka. In reality, under his leadership, India has only lost twice, and with a younger group of players on the horizon, the all-rounder seems to be the finest choice to lead the team into its next phase while Rohit can finish off his career by concentrating on Test matches.

As captain, Hardik is doing well. He is still young, therefore he can only get better. He is the only viable replacement for Rohit at this time. The official continued, “He needs to be supported and given a lengthy rope that stays in place.

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