In response to Shoaib Malik's third marriage, Sania Mirza speaks out

In response to Shoaib Malik’s third marriage, Sania Mirza speaks out. The marriage of tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik has been officially dissolved for several months, as confirmed by Mirza’s father. Imran Mirza announced on platform X that Sania has decided to make this personal affair public and wished Shoaib well on his future ventures. 

He asked supporters to avoid speculating and stressed the importance of privacy during this delicate time.

The information was made public just one day after Shoaib Malik shocked everyone by teasing his nuptials to Pakistani actress Sana Javed on Instagram, leading to rumors that he was still married to Sania. 

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According to sources, Sania started the divorce process at the end of 2022 because she could no longer put off her worries about Shoaib’s relationships with other women.

Previously regarded as a power couple, Shoaib and Sania have made news since 2022 due to rumors of their breakup. Shoaib had repeatedly denied any rift, even going so far as to show love for Sania on social media, in spite of the rumors. Izhan Mirza-Malik, the couple’s kid, was born in 2018 after they were married in 2010.

The new change of events highlights the complexity of their relationship, since it is said that Shoaib and Sana have kept quiet about their rumored divorce because of unspoken agreements. Their separation has now been made public, providing clarity to a situation that has been under investigation for some time.

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