IND vs PAK: Blue sea in Ahmedabad, with few Pakistani supporters

As anticipated, a sea of blue lit up Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium on Saturday, October 14, when India took on Pakistan in the World Cup 2023 semifinal. With a capacity of 1,30,000, the largest cricket stadium in the world saw thousands of people arrive well in advance of the scheduled start of the match to ensure they secured their seats.

Additionally, an old Pakistani supporter was seen entering the Narendra Modi Stadium. Prior to the toss, supporters took their seats, and the Indian tricolor was already adorning the stands.

Renowned composer Shankar Mahadevan was one of the stars who took the stage in the specially-arranged musical performance, which served as an opener for the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match, the eighth installment of the legendary rivalry in 50-over World Cups.

The excitement has exploded. There has never been more demand for tickets to the World Cup’s marquee event. Through a social media post, Virat Kohli made it apparent to his fans and followers that they should not come to him with ticket requests.

It is anticipated that there will be few glimpses of green shirts in the 1,32,000-seat Narendra Modi Stadium. Babar Azam made light of this on the eve of the high-profile match, joking that ‘there is more pressure for tickets than the match’.

Chacha, the renowned fan of the Pakistan cricket team, came in Ahmedabad and talked with India Today before the big game. The well-known cricket enthusiast, who received a World Cup ticket from MS Dhoni in 2011, made an unexpected prediction regarding the India vs. Pakistan match.

As India’s captain Rohit Sharma and his Pakistani counterpart Jasprit Bumrah stepped out to the middle for the toss in front of steadily filling stands, there was a tremendous cheer.

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