India vs Pakistan has been rescheduled on October 14, with a few other adjustments expected

India vs Pakistan has been rescheduled on October 14, with a few other adjustments expected. The India-Pakistan group match in the 2023 ODI World Cup has been postponed for October 14, a day earlier than anticipated. Further alterations to the World Cup schedule are planned.

After three boards wrote to the ICC demanding a calendar adjustment, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated last week that a change in the schedule of the ODI World Cup was likely. He also indicated that just the match dates and times would be changed in order to reduce the gap to 4-5 days. The identities of the ICC full members who requested a schedule change were not made public by the BCCI secretary.

“Three members have requested a schedule change from the ICC.” Only the date and times will be altered; the locations will remain unchanged. We are attempting to decrease the six-day gap between games to 4-5 days. In three to four days, the picture will become evident. Changes will be made in cooperation with the ICC, according to Shah.

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The decision to delay the India-Pakistan match in the 2023 ODI World Cup comes after Ahmedabad police expressed worries about guaranteeing enough security on October 15, the same day as the Hindu festival Navaratri begins. The size of the match, combined with the celebratory atmosphere of the religious holiday, may put the authorities’ ability to handle the event to the test.

The word of a likely schedule adjustment alarmed fans and stakeholders who had already made travel plans, including reserving flights and accommodations in Ahmedabad, in anticipation of attending the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan match. This match has historically been one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, and supporters from both countries anxiously await this fierce clash on the cricket pitch.

The fact that India has a perfect 7-0 head-to-head record versus Pakistan in Cricket World Cup history adds to the intrigue around this prospective scheduling alteration. The teams last met during the 2019 World Cup, and excitement is rising for their eighth meeting at the 2023 World Cup. Let us take a journey down memory lane and briefly review some of their previous clashes in the World.

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