Indians criticize the “Unapologetic Islamophobia” directed at the cricket squad of Pakistan

Indians criticize the “unapologetic Islamophobia” directed at the cricket squad of Pakistan. The rioting began in the middle of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad as Pakistan captain Babar Azam stood up to speak after the toss, and it continued long after India had dealt their neighbors another crushing defeat in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

At the world’s largest cricket stadium, which is named after India’s prime minister and leader of the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in his hometown, the Pakistani cricket players faced unrelenting animosity from the audience during their match against the hosts.

The partisan aspect of the crowd became apparent as the match began, as every boundary scored by the Pakistani batters was met with deafening silence. At this point, the Indian authorities had essentially prevented Pakistani fans from attending the tournament.

The throng gathered around the walkway jeered Muhammad Rizwan, who had been Pakistan’s hero in their run chase against Sri Lanka earlier in the week, as he made his way back to the pavilion following his dismissal. They were chanting “Jai Shri Ram [Hail Lord Ram]”.

The Hindi-language slogan, which is frequently used disparagingly against the nation’s Muslim population, has become a battle cry for far-right Hindu organizations.

Amid a sea of blue Indian jerseys in the spectators, Pakistan was bowled for 191 runs in 42.5 overs, making India’s star-studded batting order an easy target.

The thousands of fans seated in the saffron-colored stands were ecstatic as India cruised home behind six sixes and six fours from captain Rohit Sharma.

When Pakistan onto the field, the joyful audience made it their mission to add salt to injury by yelling profanity-filled shouts while Sharma and his squad were having a great time.

Karthik Krishnawamy, an Indian sports writer, called the crowd’s actions “unapologetic Islamophobia” and encouraged the Pakistan Cricket Board to lodge a complaint.

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