India's Victory in the Men's CWC is Commemorated by ICC

India’s victory in the Men’s CWC is commemorated by ICC with the release of the 2023 brand. The International Cricket Council today unveiled the brand identity of the 2023 edition, with fan emotion at its core, to commemorate the 12-year anniversary of India’s victory at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2011. 

The brand for the largest Cricket World Cup ever has been designed with the “Navarasa,” the nine feelings audiences experience during a performance at the center, six months before the start of the one-day game’s premier event, when 10 teams will play 48 matches.

The Navarasa has been reinterpreted in the context of cricket, utilizing symbols and color to represent the various feelings supporters experience while taking in the drama and thrill of a World Cup cricket match. Fans from all across the world will experience a wide range of emotions as a result of the Men’s Cricket World Cup’s lengthy history. Joy, power, pain, respect, pride, bravery, glory, wonder, and passion are the nine emotions that the CWC23 Navarasa invokes, and they are the perfect representations of the feelings that a Men’s Cricket World Cup elicits. 

India’s Victory in the Men’s CWC is Commemorated by ICC

A custom vignette featuring the voice of renowned Indian pundit Harsha Bhogle has been created to highlight the Navarasa and can be viewed here.

In addition, ICC digital collectible partner FanCraze will present MS Dhoni with his Navarasa-themed “glory” Digital Collectible at a special event yesterday afternoon in Chennai to commemorate the 12-year milestone. In addition to being given to Dhoni as one of the greatest moments in Indian cricket history, Dhoni’s six from the 2011 Men’s Cricket World Cup final will also soon be offered for sale to fans on

In anticipation of the world championship later this year, the ICC digital outlets will start releasing a new legendary cricketing incident every week linked to the remaining eight emotions.

“The BCCI is looking forward to hosting the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 and producing a memorable event for fans both in India and around the world,” BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated. India’s well-known victory in the 2011 competition and its enduring effects on the nation are commemorated today, twelve years after they occurred. As the premier one-day game takes place in October, we can’t wait to witness top-notch cricket on display, and we can’t wait for India to stage an amazing spectacle.

Rohit Sharma, the men’s captain of India, said: “Playing in a World Cup on home soil is every player’s dream, especially as captain, and I can’t wait for it to begin. With six months until the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, the excitement is already starting to build. For all cricket enthusiasts, the Men’s Cricket World Cup is a very special occasion. Over the coming months, we will make every effort to get ready in the best way possible so that we have the best chance of winning the tournament”.

“We are thrilled to announce the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 brand, highlighting the raw emotion and excitement that cricket offers to fans across the world through the Navarasa,” said Geoff Allardice, chief executive of the International Cricket Council. The next six months will be exciting as we prepare to host the biggest Cricket World Cup ever.

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