Israeli media expresses happiness that Pakistan was unable to dedicate their cricket defeat to Hamas

Israeli media expresses happiness that Pakistan was unable to dedicate their cricket defeat to Hamas. Israel praised India’s victory over Pakistan on Sunday, claiming that Islamabad was prevented from honoring the “terrorists of Hamas” with its triumph. The match took place on Saturday. 

A significant portion of Gaza’s infrastructure has been destroyed, and 2.3 million Palestinians are under complete siege as a result of Israel’s most severe shelling of the enclave in its history, which began this past week. More Palestinians have died since the fighting started, according to the Gaza Health Ministry’s report on Sunday, 2,329, than during the more than six-week-long Gaza war in 2014. 

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According to Israel, the bombardment is a reaction to a significant assault carried out on October 7 by Hamas gunmen who broke into Israeli towns, murdering 1,300 people and capturing prisoners. 

Pakistan opposes Israel and is in favor of an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, based on “internationally agreed parameters” and the pre-1967 borders. 

Mohammad Rizwan, a batter for Pakistan, dedicated his knock on Tuesday against Sri Lanka to the Gaza victims of the Israel-Palestine conflict on Wednesday. 

Many Indian fans were observed waving pro-Israel placards at the India-Pakistan game on Saturday in Ahmedabad, and Rizwan was retaliated against by fans in the bleachers for his backing of the Palestinian cause. 

India declares that it supports Israel “firmly” in the current crisis.  The Israeli foreign ministry expressed its gratitude for the Indian fans’ display of support for Israel during Saturday’s game, in which India defeated Pakistan by seven wickets, in an X post published on Sunday. 

This development coincides with Israel’s stepped-up efforts to eliminate Hamas, with tens of thousands of troops stationed close to Gaza in anticipation of a planned land invasion. 

Jalil Abbas Jilani, Pakistan’s acting foreign minister, declared on Sunday that he would attend the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) emergency conference in Jeddah the next week to discuss the growing military tensions in Gaza and to denounce Israel for allegedly committing “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

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