Jay Shah explains the causes of the World Cup 2023 scheduling delay and the ticketing confusion

Jay Shah explains the causes of the World Cup 2023 scheduling delay and the ticketing confusion. Prior to the event, the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 is making news but not for the right reasons. Regarding the organization’s planning for the major event, the Board Of Cricket Control In India (BCCI) is receiving criticism from the fans. The sale of tickets and the event’s timing are just two of the problems that have come up.

Nine matches, including the eagerly anticipated India versus Pakistan encounter, were moved around on the World Cup schedule. Fans were irate as a result. Sales of tickets increased unhappiness. Fans who bought tickets from the official ticketing partner, BookMyShow, had to stand in queue.

The BCCI Secretary Jay Shah emphasised in an interview with Sportstar that the delay is mostly due to the necessity to adjust the tournament schedule to address logistical, operational, and broadcasting problems. The BCCI is putting the finishing touches on all of the tournament’s plans, such as the venue’s availability, the team’s timetables, and other arrangements.

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“The delay has been principally brought on by the need to make sure that the tournament timetable coincides with numerous operational issues faced by participating members and logistical constraints, as well as broadcast obligations. In order to complete all parts of the tournament, including venue availability, team timetables, and other crucial arrangements, the BCCI has been working hard, according to Shah.

In a nation as large and diverse as India, hosting a 50-over Cricket World Cup brings both thrilling prospects and special obstacles. To ensure the tournament’s success and a seamless experience for players, fans, and stakeholders, careful preparation, organisation, and execution are required due to the size and diversity of India,” he continued.

From October 5 through November 19, the next World Cup is planned to begin with a match between England and New Zealand. The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will host both the first game and the championship game.

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