Kali Puja Surprise Potential Change to Pakistan vs England ICC World Cup 2023 Match

We are going to witness another scheduling change in the upcoming ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023. Pakistan vs England is the last match of the group stages and anticipated to be a nail biter and may be a qualification decider for some teams. But, due to “ Kali Puja” the announced schedule will be altered again and the Eng vs Pak match is going to be played a day earlier, on 11th November 2023. 

BCCI, the leading cricket board of the globe, totally failed to provide a neat and clean world cup 2023 schedule. We have already seen a few changes in the world fixture, in fact, 6 matches are going to be affected by this unforeseen phenomena. 

Pakistan is the only team that has suffered a lot due to 3 rescheduled matches which is something hard to believe. The mother of all matches, Pak vs Ind that was scheduled in Ahmedabad, has already been rescheduled and fixed on 14th October. But, due to this rescheduling, the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Match has also shifted, now it will be played on the 10th which was initially decided on 12th.

The fans all over the world are disappointed due to this uncertainty. The high voltage game of the CWC 2023, Pakistan vs India has destroyed fans’ schedules already. Some of the fans may face financial issues because they had already made their reservations in hotels, anticipating no space in the hotels closer to the match. 

Amidst growing uncertainty, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) faces mounting criticism from media and fans worldwide, who question whether the upcoming ICC World Event is being treated with the seriousness it deserves or seen as a mere joke. The absence of an official remodified schedule has left boards, management, media, and fans in limbo, urgently seeking answers to plan their preparations, routines, and arrangements. The BCCI’s silence is amplifying concerns, and as the guardian of the sport, they are urged to address the situation transparently, restoring faith and demonstrating their commitment to upholding the integrity of the ICC World Event.

Jay Shah in his statement to rescheduling said, “If security was the issue then would the match go there. 14-15 is not the problem. Two or three boards have written in asking, to change based on logistical changes. There are some matches where there is only a two day gap, so it will be difficult to play and travel the next day” Jay Shah, Secretary, BCCI.

In the realm of cricket, one entity stands tall as the world’s largest and most influential board—the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Yet, despite its towering stature and immense power, recent events have left cricket enthusiasts disheartened and disappointed. The truth remains undeniable: BCCI has fallen short of meeting the lofty expectations set upon them.

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