Know why Pakistani media and fans are still waiting for ODI World Cup visas

Know why Pakistani media and fans are still waiting for ODI World Cup visas. On October 6 in Hyderabad, Pakistan will play its first World Cup 2023 match against the Netherlands. However, since there has been no recent development, Pakistani media and supporters are still waiting for visas out of pure sadness. While the Pakistani media and its supporters have done everything they can, the Indian government has not yet sped up the procedure.

Unbeknownst to the general public, Pakistan has restricted access to websites run by the Indian government since May 2017. This has had a significant impact on both those looking to apply for visas for business purposes and the activities of the Indian High Commission within the nation. The ability of Pakistani media outlets and supporters to follow their team live from India has been seriously questioned by this rule.

Be aware that Babar Azam will have a news conference on Thursday at 5:15 PM; however, since there won’t be any PAK journalists present, Babar will answer any questions that are submitted online.

Unnamed journalist from Pakistan filed for a World Cup visa using a VPN, but the Indian High Commission rejected the application because they believed it to be unlawful. The Indian government is looking for a way to speed up the granting of PAK media and fan visas.

However, the length of the process is uncertain to the government. According to, a prompt resolution is on the way to guarantee that the PAK media and supporters’ application for visas is approved quickly. Notably, this is the Pakistani team’s first visit to India since 2016. All of the other Pakistani players, excluding Mohammad Nawaz, are visiting India for the first time.

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