Kolkata Shopkeepers are impressed by Pakistani cricketers purchasing binge

Kolkata shopkeppers are impressed by Pakistani cricketers purchasing binge. During the 2023 World Cup, Pakistani cricket players took a break from their training regimen to go shopping, leaving fans and Kolkata natives alike in astonishment.

Usama Mir, Mohammad Haris, and Wasim Junior three national cricket players entered a mall that was close to their team hotel. Taking place in the busy Mani Square, the players could peruse a wide range of merchandise during the shopping spree.

Both customers and cricket fans were buzzing over the Pakistani cricket players who were in the mall. The delight of the locals seeing Pakistani celebrities going around the mall was overwhelming. 

Awaiting supporters seized the chance to take photos with the players, resulting in moments that will never be forgotten by all.

In addition to being the centre of attention, the local audience gave the cricket players well wishes and encouragement, expressing their optimism for the Pakistan cricket team’s performance in the next game. Zaman Khan and Abdullah Shafique were also seen having fun while shopping in Kolkata.

Usama Mir and Abdullah Shafique made the endearing purchase of sarees for their family members. Zaman Khan, Haris, and Wasim, meantime, couldn’t help but give in to the need to treat themselves to some chic apparel.

The Pakistani cricket players were heading to a movie later in the day. However, such plans were cancelled.

The Pakistani captain, Babar Azam, and a couple of the coaches had already had a little break on the golf course in Kolkata.

Along cricket assistant coach Andrew Puttick, bowling coach Morne Morkel, and head coach Grant Bradburn, the Pakistani captain was spotted playing golf.

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