Mohammad Hafeez "should be given more time," according to Shahid Afridi

Mohammad Hafeez “should be given more time,” according to Shahid Afridi.The former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, Shahid Afridi, has expressed his support for Mohammad Hafeez, his former teammate, and asked that Hafeez be given more time in his present position as team director. During a private ceremony, Afridi stressed the need for patience, saying that Hafeez is unable to bring about reforms right away.

With reference to Hafeez’s vast cricketing background, Afridi declared, “[Mohammad] Hafeez has played a lot of cricket, he should be given more time [as team director].” He issued a warning not to hold out for quick fixes, pointing out that changes in team dynamics take time to show results.

After Mickey Arthur’s retirement in November of last year, Hafeez took over as director of the Pakistan cricket team. Nevertheless, Pakistan’s first experiences under Hafeez’s captaincy were difficult; the team lost series in both Test and Twenty20 formats against Australia and New Zealand, respectively.

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As Afridi considered his country’s achievements during both tours, he said, “We missed some opportunities during the New Zealand and Australia tours, failing to perform at our level best.”

Afridi cautioned against making major roster changes in light of the impending T20 World Cup in the United States and the West Indies. Rather, he highlighted the significance of tactical player management, saying, “The team shouldn’t see many changes prior to the World Cup. But it’s crucial to understand when to take a break or use a particular player.”

Afridi’s remarks highlight the difficulties in managing the Pakistan cricket team over the long term and the necessity of stability and continuity in leadership positions.

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