Mother of all Matches, Pak vs Ind at Ahmadabad in the ICC World Cup 2023

The most awaited match of the ICC World Cup 2023 is Pakistan vs India at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmadabad. It is a huge cricket stadium with a 132k capacity. A full house supporting only team will be a bit strange but that is true. India will enjoy the support and on the other hand, there will be dead silence if Pakistan gets a wicket or hits a boundary. A 360 change what they in Hyderabad. 

The live scenes from the outside of the ground show that fans are getting lined up for the match they have been waiting for four years. Every spectator wants to see his heroes on the ground. It will be a full house exerting too much pressure on the players.

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Which team will feel more pressure? Well, both teams will face pressure because they are not robots. But I think India will be more under pressure than Pakistan. They are playing on their home ground in front of their home crowd. The present form of India has raised fans’ expectations of them.

Pakistan on the other hand might be disturbed due to a lack of crowd support. This young team of Pakistan is facing India in India for the first time. It will be one of the reasons to choke against India.

The 7-0 factor will be playing on the minds of Pakistani players. It might be the other reason for Pakistan’s failure. But the most important reason of teams Pakistan’s failure is that the leadership of PCB is in India to support Pakistan which we do not want. 

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